Striving to create a wellness experience, Camelot Spa’s aim is to generate a sense of well-being and lasting impression through their selected health, skin and body treatments that guests will return time after time.

Now you can WIN a 2 and a half hour Camelot Spa Personalised Journey – all you need to do is to choose from a list of treatments and you will be pampered to your every need.

How to enter
Like both Elle Decoration and Camelot Spa Group on Facebook, and comment at the bottom of this post explaining why you deserve to win.

Offer valid until: 17 April 2015

Twitter: @CamelotSpaGroup
Contact: (011) 880 3850


  1. It’s been a long past 2 months, I’ve been stuck on aproject that launches this Thursday 27th Nov, I’ve been so busy that my hair, nail and body care has suffered, I need some love and me time to pamper me, the prize would be great before I start my home revamp project with Elle decor 🙂 pretty please!

  2. It’s been a long, stressful and tiring year and my wife and I need to recuperate, to rejuvenate our bodies and mental state. This will come in handy.

  3. Well yes… the year has been long and I am exhausted… but honestly Camelot Spa you guys are the best at what you do….. Elle Decoration and Camelot Spa you ROCK… #wouldlovetobepampered

  4. This year has been a very manic year. I work full time and still managed to finish my honours part time. I personally could do with the down time because I’m always helping others and putting other people first. It would be nice to put myself first and actually relax.

  5. Been an awfully tough year…exhausted and worn out and just stretched. Feels like a carried a ton of bricks around and around the mountain. My back needs a break and a deep massage. I soooooooooo need this.

  6. After a crazy experience this year I would so appreciate some time to relax and undo all the stress and tension for a moment. This would be a wonderful treat to look forward to!

  7. I have been to to the Villa as well as the Eagle Canyon and had a wonderful experience. I would most certainly like to experience it again

  8. I desperately need a massage my fibromylagia is hurting raelly bad muscles all tebnse & knotted up like a pretzel.

  9. I would love to win, because i really deserve this it’s been a tough year at work and I really need some relaxation.

  10. “You can explore the universe looking for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere.”

    Yes, I have been through major financial heartache when a business venture that I had attempted failed. Yes, my heart felt as if it had broken into a million pieces when my granny died earlier this year. The list of human disasters goes on BUT I have survived through it all through self realisation & appreciating my self worth. I have realised that behind the mother, the wife, the student, the daughter etc I need to cherish ‘ME…So winning this treat will be a wonderful addition to my new journey of self discovery in this play called life where ‘I’ matter the most.

  11. I deserve this amazing prize like everyone else to be honest, we all need a good relaxing break from time to time and enjoy being pampered

  12. when I say, I have had a stressful last few years, I mean it. I lost my job in the beginning of November and 1 month’s worth of pay to pay for rent and food. Pressure was on for me to find a new job. I manged to get one last minute and started today but that whole experience definitely gave me a few more wrinkles and grey hair.

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