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Whether youโ€™re doing a juicy steak or a deliciously seared piece of your favourite fish, the new Le Creuset Barbecue Platter range is a vital addition to any cookโ€™s kitchen. Freezer and dishwasher safe and suitable for all hobs, each Platter is designed with integral handles for easy lifting. Large enough for a multitude of uses, the stoneware serving platter features ridged edges that slope upward to contain food, while two wide handles are cut into each end to ensure a steady grip when carrying heavier foods like roasts or poultry to the table.

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  1. I love to make a variety of things on the braai, but I think my absolute favourites are rosemary potbrood and roasted stuffed butternut! So tasty, and they would definitely look AMAZING served up on these lovely platters #justsaying

  2. I love to braai pork and lamb chops with corn on the cob as well as mixed skewers with pieces of beef, chicken, peppers and onions…would look good on these platters.

  3. We are into ostrich kebabs, chicken kebabs and the old staple for my husband who never changes is boerewors ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 1. I am a big fan of grilled three cheese sandwiches made on the braai.
    2. Chocolate banana dessert (I learnt this as a boy scout when I was a kid) – Make a slight opening in the banana (with its peel on) and put 3 blocks of chocolate in it and braai. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Halved Crayfish drizzled with Lemmon butter and garlic,served on a big green salad, looking festive and oh so stunning if served on these Le Creuset platters.

  6. any and everything! After watching Ultimate Braai Master I now realize the braai can handle anything you can think of throwing on it. I’m especially fond a braai pie and pizza and of course the usual prawns, chops, wors and fillet.

    = )

  7. I love spending money on a proper piece of fillet and usually braai it to perfection, (even if I say so myself) and then sharing it with everyone as a starter. Usually Kudu, = )

    Other than that, I never take chicken to another man’s braai. = )

    add the old school favourites to this chops, boerewors and rooster koek or braai broodjies. = )

  8. Following both @ELLE_Deco and @LeCreuset on twitter My Username:@thokozile8080

    I would serve ribs or steak on it, its large enough for a multitude of uses itโ€™s a must have, and I love the fact that its Dishwasher-safe and Microwave Safe ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love Le Creuset – it’s the one must-have for any kitchen in a home that loves to cook. I’ve been slowly building a set but this barbecue platter would be perfect for all the outdoor entertaining I do in Summer.

  10. Normally stick to steak and chicken kebabs, this platter would work beautifully with the fish braai we want to do over Christmas!

  11. Braaied Whole Yellow Tail fish basted with lemon and sage – absolutely delicious! served with Sweet potatoes and small pickling onions and a greek salad.

  12. These look so handy, perfect for the braai! I love doing sticky rashers first so everyone can snack on those, and then delicious marrinated steak! Yum!!

  13. I would like to serve a leg of lamb accompanied with a side dish of roast potatoes, butternut, baby potatoes, baby corn, baby marrows and baby carrots…

  14. i love to braai everything in the mean. Fillet Steak, big mushrooms with olives and sundried tomato in tinfoil and of course BRAAIBROODJIES!

  15. I love to cook Wiltshire Pork Sausages on the braai and make them crispy on the outside ๐Ÿ™‚ Yum!
    Le Creuset with anything on, is a winner! I can honestly say that something served in (on) Le Creuset, is so much more desirable and looks more tasty. Love your style!

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