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Introducing the new, funky, cool, safe and ultra-useful cell phone accessory for work and play, the Pylones retro phone handset. Now this is what we call classic-contemporary communication.

This novel handset replaces earbuds as a much cooler way to communicate without actually holding your mobile phone up to your ear, thus drastically eliminating absorption of cell phone-based radiation.

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We are giving away seven handsets to lucky Elle Decoration Readers! All you need to do it like both Elle Decoration SA and PylonesSA on Facebook, and comment at the bottom of this post telling us why you deserve to win.

Talking through technology just got a bit more comfortable—simply plug your Pylones handset into the stereo jack on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to carry on conversations. The handle is soft and easy to grip, and comes equipped with a pick-up-hang up button and a noise reduction system along with an excellent speaker and microphone.

You can access all the phone’s functions when you are on the phone while enjoying the ergonomically designed handset. Gadget-obsessed Hollywood celebrities have regularly been spotted strolling around having a heart-to-heart on their latest cell phone accessory.

The Pylones phone is fitted with a standard 3.5mm plug and is compatible with all mobile phones (adapters available) and works with iPad and all computers, USB and splitter cables.

Available at Pylones Flagship store at V & A Waterfront Cape Town and www.happygifts.co.za


  1. Oh my goodness! You cannot possibly understand how excited you have made me! Discovered Pylones on my first trip to Paris and fell in love. On my second trip there I bought a kettle and carried it through the rest of our trip. Had no idea they were opening in MY OWN CITY until I saw this post, it has absolutely made my day!
    So yes, I’ve liked both pages in Facebook 😀

  2. Given the read up on this stylish handsets, who would not want to win it…classy and trendy….Love the array of colours it comes in….(liked both pages)

  3. This will certainly set a new trend and i wouldn’t wanna be left behind, so winning this would be a blessing for me

  4. I once saw this type of handsets on from my favourite TV series and I have been doting on it since then! Have no idea that I can find the gadget here! Yay! Wanting it so badly I basically jumping up and down from my chair now.
    Liked both pages 😀

  5. This latest cell phone technology is so cool and funcky! I absolutely love the Pylones! I’m always chatting away and this will be just the perfect gadget for me – would love to win. Holding thumbs 🙂

  6. This would be like connecting with the good old days – what a special and unique product would love to be a proud owner – If I won everyone would be informed – far and near

  7. Oh wow.. this is fabulous!! wow! such an awesome idea!! would love to use this! I have a touch screen that’s forever getting dirty and yucky especially when I put it to my ear to talk.. this looks so much better and love that its a safer way of communicating.. no more nasty phone based radiation!! yay!! Would be able to talk for longer and be so much more comfortable when chatting to family that’s far away.. Love this idea!! liked fb page too 🙂

  8. OMG that is most unbelievable thing I have ever seen and I really, I mean REALLY would love it…….

  9. this is super cool! rocking it old school!! this idea. For longer calls, this would make it easier to chat and be a lot more comfortable. Also a lot cleaner and great that you not getting phone radiation!! awesome device

  10. Our home landline phone is broken my toddler ripped the connecting cord so when I talk it crackles and it’s so bland and ugly.

  11. I deserve to win for two reasons…. my birthday is almost here, and my speaker on my phone is not working properly, I need my phone as my work depends on being able to make and receive calls.

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