Looking for that perfect combination of sustainability and style? We have found just what you need with the Showtime Living Lamps. One lucky reader could stand a chance of winning a lamp worth R6000.

Playing with light and shadows, architect Paul Versfeld creates timeless pieces for Showtime Living. He has created a series of beautiful lamps for the well travelled and discerning buyer. The lights are beautifully handcrafted and sustainable, with energy efficient hand-made bulbs sourced from Denmark. With a retro yet simple look, these lamps are exquisite on their own, as well as collectively.

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For more information, visit: www.showtimeliving.co.za

Competition closes 30 November.

Term and Conditions:
The lamp is non-exchangeable


  1. I have recently bought and moved into my new home and this lamp would look absolutely stunning in our bedroom!!

    I think it would look stunning anywhere in my house…….

    Timeless and beautiful

  2. “There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights”-Bram Stoker,Dracula

    I have recently embarked on a time-consuming Elle Deco inspiration and beans-on-toast for dinner type of renovation for my first home. Yes it was terrifying and sometimes enough to make me want to call it quits but the end result was worth every moment of madness. I have managed to restore an old world home to my own version of eclectic and modern style on a restricted budget. When I saw this trendy Paul Versfeld lamp, i knew right there and then that I was in love. I can visualise this beautiful lamp illuminating my living area and I know that it would go so well with my faux ostrich chairs and shocking pink scatter cushions. ooh la la! I adore the love and care that went into designing this perfect lamp and I know that my humble home would appreciate every bit of this masterpiece. So please, pretty please Elle Deco, wave that magical wand so that this quirky girl can show-off this gorgeous light in her home!

  3. I have nothing modern in my household (except maybe my jeans) and this would be a great start for me to zwish up my home and create an individual style that’s both modern and timeless. I particularly like the lamps because I believe they would fit in with both modern and dated (old fashioned) furnishings. I like that they’re handcrafted with energy-efficient (hand-made) bulbs for a modern/retro look. Exactly what my house needs! 🙂

  4. This Showtime Living Lamp would be oh-so-perfect for my newly revamped living room… This lamp boasts sophistication with a contemporary twist of a warehouse feeling. I just love it!!! I like the sleekness it would give to my living room and it would be a statement piece like non other!

  5. I have a really small & cosy house & sometimes it becomes too dark & seems like there are a lot of things. If I were to win this, I’d definitely move out furniture in my living om to create an open space illusion with the lights in the corners to create the perfect living arrangement 🙂

  6. This would look so amazing in my lounge or diningroom. An incredible statement piece that needs to be in a prominent position.

  7. I would love a new light to freshen up my open plan living/dining/kitchen area. I am embarking on a revamp full of energy (just started my list!)…the last time I did renovations was when I was pregnant with twins…my kids are now going into grade 7! So it is time to get rid of the toddler proofing and have a grown up house that looks good too again!

  8. Lamp shades are exactly what I need to compliment my room and show it off in an elegant fashion. Lamp shades will alter the mood of my surroundings. A high quality shade can bring a fantastic look and feel to my room After returning from a hard day at work I really want to feel comfortable in my home and a great shade can do this!! These lamps shades are beautifully handcrafted & energy efficient. Love the retro yet simple look!. They will emit just enough light that is not too bright and still light up my room & will cast a softer more subtle light is not intense on your eyes and quite relaxing. I love these lamp shades as they are very stylish and fashionable and will certainly draw some attention from guests, not to mention they will offer up a comfortable atmosphere to relax and unwind in.

  9. I adore understated pieces. They are usually timeless and can be combined with a variety of other pieces. This lamp is such a piece. I can picture it in my house using it in different rooms and making a difference to each room in a special way. Liked both pages.

  10. Handcrafted, functional Art. This light by Paul Versfeld would not only look stunning in my minimalistic lounge, but (as seen on Showtimeliving Facebook page) will create perfect mood lighting for the room. I love that the handcrafted bulb needs no adornments and can hold its own in any room! #Iwantit #Ineedit #consideredlighting

  11. This is a work of simple but elegant art and this would be the perfect fit and centre piece in my lounge. I’ve recently moved in and thus its still taking shape and needs a lot to make it something and this is everything! = )

  12. Our house is two years old or so. Many things have not fallen into place. It is stylish things like this that will both add value and elegance to our humble abode. It is also in a not so well lit area and we can add this luminance to brighten it, and our lives. Because it is energy efficient, it also helps in the pocket. It is “a-wanna-get-at-home” item, and essential.

  13. Why does well-designed lighting make me feel better?

    Standing in a well-designed architectural space does fill me with a sense of awe and excitement; or so I thought the first time I stepped inside the great architectural statement of Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. This magnificent example of groundbreaking 20th-century architecture provides a seductive backdrop for the art exhibited in it. Outside the harsh bright sun of the Basque country blazed. Inside the light was moderated and considered, with a clever blend of natural and artificial enhancing the spaces and the artworks contained in these spaces.

    Then as my wonder settled, I was struck by how the light changes one’s emotions. And on my walk through the galleries the thought of how light controls people’s behaviour and feelings became more evident. It can make people happier, or more contemplative. Engagement with the artworks and the spaces is modulated by the very quality of light.
    This thought of the relationship between light and architecture being so crucial made me contemplate the spaces in which I work and live. My conclusion is simple: I think that light is the soul of architecture.

    This lamp embodies that soul.

  14. This would definitely bring some “modernism” to our home, but would be perfect behind the reading chair in the lounge.

  15. My house will be the centre of brightness with lovely light just sparkling up my open plan dinning room and sitting room.

  16. I would use it to lighten up my livingroom/workroom/playroom, where we spent most of our time during the day and night, playing, working and living the best life we can! Would just be that extra little touch to brighten our space!

  17. These pieces would definetley add a taste of contemporary modernism to our home, it would completely reinvent our living spaces by taking the place of our old hand-me-down wooden lamps. We are a young couple looking for beauty in our home and this would just be an amazing prize to win

  18. Sustainability and style is just what we need. A useful piece of “ART” to add that special glow to my living area but basically we need a good light!

  19. Almost unbelievable – Beautifully handcrafted and stylish, yet sustainable, energy efficient hand-made bulbs sourced from Denmark and with a retro, yet simple look – seems like a match made in heaven concerning a good source of light and environmental friendliness. Fits me perfectly….

  20. This is awesome to brighten up my man cave and give it an elegant stylish edge that my friends will make my friends green with envy.

  21. My lounge has the perfect corner space for such a stunning piece to be on show and it will add a touch of sofistication to my otherwise normal lounge.

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