One lucky Elle Decoration readers stands the chance to win a Tempur pillow valued at R1700. To WIN All you need to do is follow both @ELLE_Deco and @tempur on Twitter and comment at the bottom of this post explaining why you deserve to win.

Sleep on a Tempur® Cloud, an innovative balance of softness and support. Your pillow should conform to your head, giving you a restful and luxurious sleep, every night. TEMPUR’s unique temperature sensitive material gently conforms to the shape of your head offering a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support – soft where you want it, firm where you need it. The TEMPUR range includes mattresses, pillows, and adjustable bases, as well as accessories and linen.

Available in TEMPUR Stores countrywide. For more information and your closest store call 0861 60 6060 or visit Tempur SA is a division of Pharmaline Products cc.


  1. The tempur pillow looks like a dream come true 😉
    I’m all about doing everything possible to get a good night’s sleep because a good nights rest = a good day’s work + play. And I think the Tempur pillow will help do just that for me.

  2. My pillow is very old but I love him but I think if I am lucky enough to receive this pillow from Tempur the old one will fly out the window immediately! Tempur is quality and I heard absolutely Awesome so holding thumbs! Twitter handle for Tempur doesn’t seem to work 🙁

  3. following both @ELLE_Deco and @tempur on Twitter my username:@thokozile8080

    I love Pharma line mainly because it’s a dynamic organisation that has been involved in the health and wellness arena
    and produces nothing but highest quality products which enhance, uplift and safeguard your daily living. and I love their
    pillow shapes and the fact that they have huggable fluffy feeling and can comfortably support you in most sleep positions.

  4. I would love to win this for my husband Kevin who loves tempur pillows & just cannot find a comfy spot with his current pillow. If he sleeps well I sleep well 🙂 The best gift ever!

  5. I found out I wake between 4 and 6 times a night! I’m working on sleeping through the night to be most rested. This will really help…

  6. Now that I sleep with two growing puppies on my bed, and the one has begun sleeping nestled between my head and shoulder, I could use the Tempur pillow to avoid waking up with a stiff neck.

  7. With a newborn and a toddler in the house.. Every single extra second of sleep counts! I imagine you drift away instantaneously the moment you rest your head on one of these luxurious pillows!

  8. This would be heaven sent to win as I am so tired of buying pillows that just do not provide me with the correct head and neck support. It is hard enough coping with insomnia let alone neck pain and headaches as a result of not sleeping with adequate support. Here’s to holding thumbs, or should I say “my neck”, and hoping for the best present ever.

  9. I’m a very bad sleeper,and wakes up tired in the morning.I believe in natural sleep and no pills to get you there.Tempur is a natural way of going to dreamland,heard only things about it.I would love to try it out for myself!

  10. I require extra oxygen from an oxygen concentrator while sleeping. To sleep on this “Tempur® Cloud” pillow will help me to get the most from my oxygen treatment and can help me feel better and lead to a longer, more active life …. and allow me to add more value to my children’s lives as well.

  11. Would love to give Tempur a try and see what all the wonderful sleep talk is all about! New pillow..Tempur…perfect night’s sleep..Happy Me 🙂

  12. Would be a dream come true to win this pillow, i suffer from terrible back pain and need a decent pillow to help and Tempur i heard is the best

  13. I am a Varsity student and up burning the midnight oil doing assignments and studying for exams and often find that my neck gets fairly strained, so it would be great to rest my weary head on a top class Tempur pillow to ensure that I get a really good night’s rest.

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