You can win 2 double tickets to the GM&Ahrens bubbly breakfast! 

The House Of GM&Ahrens is a boutique bubbly house nestled in the heart of the picturesque Franschhoek village. Partners, Gerrit Maritz and Albert Ahrens are very similar and energetic, they have a wonderful capacity to laugh, to enjoy life but never lose sight of their dream to produce a magnificent bubbly. Their first vintage cuvée was released on 1 September 2011 in a gigantic hot air balloon, in the main road of Franschhoek, a first in the history of the town.

They have since grown from strength to strength and are hosting their first bubbly brunch which will include a superb haute gourmet menu curated by Michelin Chef Leanne Roberts at the unique Weylandts Design Space at Brooklyn Design Square on Sunday 31st August.


To stand the chance of winning a set of tickets to the breakfast, all you have to do is follow @ELLE_Deco and @ZebraSquareSA  on twitter and comment at the bottom of this post explaining why you should win! 

For further details contact Zebra Square on admin@zebrasquare.co.za or 011 784 8112.


The 2008 GM&AHRENS Vintage Cuvée
The 2008 is made up of 71% Chardonnay and 29% Pinot Noir. It was left for a year in barrel on its gross lees and then for 21⁄2 years in the bottle. It is strikingly packaged with a riveting pewter/gunmetal neck capsule and its launch date was set for 1st September, “Spring Day” in Franschhoek. It was launched at the crack of dawn on the 1st and was celebrated by the launching of a hot air balloon, a French tradition dating back over 100 years.






  1. Ever since GM Ahrens’ explosive launch on 1 September 2011, the brand under the watchful eyes of Gerrit and Albert; has never been more relevant to the discerning taste buds of Vintage Cuvée lovers throughout South Africa. Akin to the wakening of nature to the promise of the Spring season after a cold winter; the unique brand and its passionate people, succeeds to awaken a crispy new passion for the finest things life has to offer. The GM&Ahrens Bubbly breakfast promises to again be a symphony of love, laughter, fine cuisine and life enjoyed through beautiful fun loving people. Bless You Guys!

  2. I am definitely a wine lover!!
    it is relaxing and pairing it with one of the most beautiful places in cape town i would looove this!!
    a relaxing day indeed :))

  3. Since its launch, GM&Ahrens’ boutique bubbly has been part of the innovation which lead our beautiful country into the “craft” and “organic” trend! The annual spring breakfast is a celebration of this sensational and luxurious product and as a student and fellow lover of the finer things in life, I would love an opportunity to attend this event! #gm&ahrens #franschhoek #springbreakfast #ilovecapclassique

  4. Love Franschhoek, its small but very rich town intrigues me! Love breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Love Bubbly, what lady doesn’t. If she doesn’t she knows no class! Love Weylandts, they have raw and crafted but beautiful furniture!

    Would LOVE TO WIN!

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