The crisp Zareen dinner set from Eetrite could be yours!

There is nothing better than being a lucky winner to an awesome giveaway! This month we have something that will transform your mundane meals and spruce up any dinner party… a contemporary Zareen dinner set from Eetrite

Eetrite is giving away a Zareen dinner set to the value of R2 404 to one lucky ELLE Decoration reader!


Celebrating metallic in a simple and sophisticated way, this clean coupe shaped collection is finished off with a gold rim. The Zareen dinner set is dishwasher safe, utterly beautiful and available from Yuppiechef


To stand a chance to WIN simply comment below and tell us: What is your all time favourite comfort food?

Competition closes: 30 March 2016
The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email.

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  1. a good cup of freshly brewed cooffee with some good qualitay dark chocolate wins hands down

  2. My all time favourite is the homemade bobotie with dumplings at the comfort of my home with wife and kids!!

  3. Dinner service from Eetrite would really be awesome, as we are still using my dinner service from my wedding (29 years ago) would love a change, served with all time comfort food of Chicken al la Amanda (Chicken al la King).

  4. I’m pretty sure that – like me – most children and adults love spaghetti bolognese as comfort food.

  5. Eetrite crockery win would be enjoyed more by serving up my comfort food of my mothers mac & cheese, very saucy with bacon, mushrooms and grilled cheesy herb tomato’s on the top ! My mother was allergic to eggs, but never failed to make this dish for the rest of the family.

  6. My all time favourite is Sea food: Anything from Haddock, Prawns, Calamari etc. you have my attention. 🙂

  7. My comfort food will be anything i can fill those beautiful dinner ware with. Rooibos Tea, my mothers food and cake. Comfort is where the home is. So lets take this dinner set home and make some mommies food! #momknowbest

  8. My comfort food is my home made Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mix my own spices and herbs and love it

  9. Some deep fried Oreos!!
    And definitely some of my dad’s chicken curry and roti
    Also, Woolies white hot chocolate

    The list can go on for miles!

  10. I owe everything to pasta. Sophia Loren.

    Ok, I might not be a screen goddess but I agree with Sophia Loren that pasta wins the Comfort Food Contest any day! My pasta choice is simple : spaghetti with a chilli Mariana sauce seduced with lashings of Parmesan. If served with a glass of red wine by an Andy Garcia lookalike… Mmm that would be even more comforting. Belissimo!

  11. My favourite comfort food is fresh salads ,,can eat that everyday all day long,,Love to stay and eat healthy//

  12. My Mom’s Macaroni and Cheese, whenever I am sad or just missing them I make it and now it is my little one’s favourite too.

  13. Curries for me is my comfort food, I love curries, all kinds of curries, and the hotter the better 🙂

  14. Cottage pie is my happy place 🙂 Happy, sad, tired or stressed, cottage pie is simply the best! xxx

  15. A Creamy Mussel Soup with Freshly Homemade Bread and Butter. For something sweet afterwards – Chocolate Mousse! With this on the table, everybody is full of happy smiles!

  16. For me comfort food should be warm, rich and tasty (thats where the comfort comes from). My fave comfort food is a fight between my home made spaghetti bolognaise (made with cream, loads of spices, bacon, mushrooms, loads of garlic and peppers) and a simple chip and cheese with mutton curry gravy. Those always make me feel comforted

  17. A good home made chicken curry with all the trimmings…I love to cook this for dinner with guests and find nothing better than cuddling up under a blanket by the fire in winter with a nice big helping of chicken curry

  18. My comfort food is home made pizza with two ingredients for the base and various topping of my choice . I find that making these pizzas are both therapeutic and comforting .

  19. A delectably creamy Cheesecake with a deliciously tart fruit topping and crunchy biscuit base definitely comforts and brightens any day. How gorgeous it would look on that Zareen dinner ware set

  20. I can dig into a thick, slightly sweet Tomato Stew with baby potatoes on fluffy white rice or I can lose myself in a Guinness Pie with juicy tender beef, baby peas, carrots and a potato rosti topping… but Ooooh Man I LOVE a bowl of gooey creamy steaming macaroni and cheese with slices of tomato, lots of pepper and a crusty slightly burnt cheese topping… You can see and smell a perfect Mac&Cheese but the ultimate proof of the perfect plate is when you can HEAR it: when you stick your fork into the deliciousness and the saucy macaroni goes “schluuurp”!

  21. oooooooooooooooh has to be home made chicken pie with a portion of creamy mash # delish # liked pages # tweeted # fan on FB # LOVE this # whooooohooooooo

  22. My all time favourite comfort food is my mom’s Carrot and Pea soup, with out-of- the oven homemade bread (also made by mom) on the side…mmm

  23. my favourite comfort food is a nice brisket stew with dumplings and home made beetroot, awesome wholesome food 🙂 nothing better xxx

  24. My Comfort Food is samoosas, specially the Chilli cheese & Corn and Mom’s homemade chicken and feta Spring rolls, served with a Delicious Cup of Earl Grey…

  25. My ultimate comfort food is decadent chocolate pecan brownies served with a mighty huge jug of warm decadent chocolate ganache. Need I say more?

  26. Look here…lamb knuckle stew with soft pap or with dumplings is always a winner for comfort food. The lamb has to be soft, with the right amount of spices (coriander, rosemary, rajah, etc. – added at the right time), with that tang of tomatoes and soy sauce, finished with a bit of dried apricot/peach. Look here…I can just picture it. Yum!

  27. #ElleDecoration My All time Favourite comfort food, that speaks to my Soul is my husbands home made, Pasta pesto, with grilled baby tomatoes & fresh Basil picked from our Garden, so simple yet utterly satisfying ❤️

  28. My ultimate comfort food is Roast Chicken, roast potatoes with my Mother’s delicious gravy.

  29. Comfort food for me is a Mauritian dish of rice, lentils and rougaille. A delicious meal made with cut up pork sausages, garlic, ginger, onions and tomato and bacon.

  30. All time favourite comfort food – has to be sweet and slightly decadent – Malva Pudding with loads of hot home made custard – the sort that makes a skin also known as a blanket on top. Its my go-to food in winter, in times of heart-ache, in times of stress…. it makes everything better!

  31. I love my Portuguese heritage, especially the wonderful food. My mom makes the best Caldo Verde soup and the tastiest pasteis da nata . Nothing says “I love you” quite like mom’s special creations, Its as if there’s a blanket of warmth and fluffiness covering me from head to toe, when i eat this food I feel loved and cherished., the best comfort food on the planet 🙂

  32. Red velvet cake or Krispy Kreme doughnuts are my comfort food. Alternatively anything containing chocolate…

  33. I just love soup – Ham and Pea soup my favourite – and I will have winter summer any time of the day!


  35. Funny my aunt who was a chef used to make us this great christmas dish: Cheesy baked mushrooms stuffed in chicken and chicken was wrapped in bacon, served with her favorite grilled veggies (in season) or white rice.

  36. My all time favourite comfort food is my moms delicious Lasagna. The tasty melted cheese and mouth-watering mince filling is heaven. I could eat a heaping plate of it all day everyday!

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