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Open plan dining with a splash of peacock blue | Image ©

In our Winter issue, blue is our colour of the season. From rich, surprisingly warm indigo to icy cool hues, we explore the full palette. DECO guest writer, Janine Saal, goes shopping to bring you the best tricks, trends and shopping tips to bring the blues into your home.

Using blue in a space is often considered to be cold, but blended with the warm, sandy tones of the natural Karoo colour palette, there is nothing cold about it. As we explored in our winter issue, finding the right mix of blue hues adds freshness, openness and ultimately warms your home like you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Adaptable throughout the house depending on how bold you want to be with colour, blues are most frequently found in bathrooms, but can also make a statement in high traffic areas such as kitchens and living rooms. When you’re cosying up under the duvet hiding from the cold weather that has hit us already, blue in the bedroom is calming and serene – physiologically it can decrease respiration and even lower blood pressure. It’s a strong choice of colour to help your home feel and look more relaxed and your body and mind are sure to follow.

You don’t always have to go wild with a colour palette. Combining different textures of a similar hue can be a stylish choice. It adds character without going overboard and feeling too busy. For the most stunning examples, we took a closer look at Swedish blogger/photographer Kristin Lagerkvist‘s home, featured on myscandinavianhome.

winter blues - patio -
Wash upcycled patio pieces in winter blues | Image ©

Even though you’ll spend more time indoors during the winter months, there’ll be the odd occasion when the sun will wink at us before the clouds come around again. Use those cool blue tones in your outdoor areas to add a fresh crisp look to your patio pieces, surrounded by the natural earthy tones of the garden. Why not upcycle some old patio furniture with a blue wood wash or if you’d rather be less committed, updating your tableware with something special is a great option.

winter blues - couch -
Blend your blue hues | Image ©

We love this example of blending different blue hues. The neutral foundation coupled with the bright petrol blues makes statement pieces of the couches without competing with the rest of the space. This is a perfect example where the rule of three is applied, making the space come alive and brightening up the interior. Try this with one focal piece like the buttoned couch or couple it with a mismatched cabinet and chairs to add a little whimsy.


• Ground the room in a neutral tone and add strong splashes of blue as a vibrant feature
• Bring in different textures of the same blue hue for added interest
• Apply the rule of three to maintain a more holistic interior space
Start with a neutral palette | Image ©

Open spaces with white painted walls, ceilings and floors make a good interior canvas to dress up with different colour tones. In keeping with our Karoo colour palette (in our new Winter issue) you can add a textured carpet, planters and scatters to the mix for a more intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Winter blues - textures -
Consider adding textures for interest | Image ©

If you’re in a textured frame of mind, use hues of the same colour but showcase different textures. Seen above, the couch forms the foundation colour and acts as the backdrop for the surfaces. Behind the couch is a vignette which includes books, sculptures and pot plants, all of which enhance the interior colour scheme.

Winter blues - bedroom -
Explore warmer greeny-blues like teal | Image ©

An accent wall is always worth considering when you want to draw focus to a specific area. It can allow the space to feel bigger so is a great tool to use in intimate spaces like the bedroom or bathroom. With beautiful jewelled tones, it brings a sense of freshness and tranquillity; two things welcome in both rooms.
Bathroom blues can be more than traditional aqua or cobalt | Image ©

Bathrooms are a favourite when it comes to using blues and especially bright tones such as muted teal and turquoise. The colour tone will dictate the ambience and overall effect: do you want to achieve vibrancy, calm or just a splash of character? White, normally dominant in bathrooms, complements the blue tones irrespective of the colour of your bathroom – if you start with a neutral base, then the blues will stand out as a feature for sure.


Janine’s picks from our local stores to bring winter blues into your home.

woolworths scatter cushions
Assorted scatter cushions from R99.95, Woolworths
MRP Home ceramic_crackle_bottle_vase
Ceramic crackle bottle vase R199.99, MRP Home
athome gozo_chair_blues
Gozo Chair Blues R1599, @home
athome vase_medicinal_glass_ombre
Vase Medicinal Glass Ombre R149, @home
athome pot_aztec_earthenware
Pot Aztec Earthenware 18cm R79, @home
MRP Home wall_canvas
Abstract Wall canvas R69.99, MRP Home
athome cushion_lands_ends
Cushion Lands Ends 45x65cm R999, @home



For more ideas on cool blue hues, pick up a copy of #Winter102, on shelf now, or download it here.

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