Shot on location at Natte Valleij Stellenbosch, Linen from Not Perfect Linen and Crockery from Woodstock Vintage

Winter food – meals characterised by warmth, comfort and the faint memory of feeling no sense of responsibility, and not having to, are definitely something to be celebrated. Winters, we believe, are made to share wine, deep thoughts and of course, hearty food with family and friends. But how does one create the ultimate winter dinner party, without having your delicious butternut soup look like a sloppy mess?

Taking inspiration from our very own DecoEat shoot, we learned a few tips from food stylist and photographer, Hanlie Joubert, on how to elevate and celebrate the simplicity of some of our favourite foods, as they should be.

Elle Deco SA
Photography by Hanlie Joubert


Invest in good quality linen for your table. Apart from it being a timeless fabric, it’s also practical and versatile. It has the ability to absorb a fair amount of moisture without feeling damp, a perfect choice for when dealing with hot, steamy dishes. It is extremely durable and to top it off, it’s a sustainable textile.

Vintage Props

Add a special touch of nostalgia to your table this season with considered vintage props. Accentuate your food by investing in good quality vintage serving ware. Go for classic copper, brass and silver tones.

Elle Deco SA
Photography by Hanlie Joubert

Monochrome Crockery

Simple Black and White crockery is anything but boring when presented with the welcoming rich colours of winter foods. Food can’t possibly look brighter than it does when served on a black plate. We recommend using dark plates when dishing up lighter foods like pasta. Also opt for a deep dish instead of your usual flat or slate plate. Deep dishes will immediately make any dish appear more comforting, and it keeps all the delicious sauce and flavours in one place for your guests to enjoy. Generosity is key in Winter.

Shop the Look As Seen In Our Winter Issue 

Linen from notPERFECTLINEN

Vintage Props from Woodstock Vintage

Ceramic Pasta Bowl – Plaaswinkel, La Motte

Location – Natte Valleij Farm, Stellenbosch

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Bio: Tammy Joubert has a particular interest in decor and architectural design trends and how they coexist with graphic design and art, especially in a South African context. When she’s not illustrating or painting, she enjoys exploring peculiar places in Cape Town, reading Afrikaans Poetry and the occasional glass of red wine.


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