All about finding tranquility and reconnecting while unplugging, DECO’s editor Bielle Bellingham shares her thinking behind the latest issue in her Winter Ed’s Note…

Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must keep moving– Albert Einstein

Let’s get one thing straight, the chilly winter weather does not mean you get to loiter around indoors sluggishly. Rather, it is an opportunity to slow things down a little: to get perspective, to linger a little longer on things, to ponder, to read, collect new ideas and plan. The very fact that you tend to spend more time inside at home means that you will establish new rhythms – you get to choose new lifestyle patterns (or habits). Might I suggest designing a little more balance and wellbeing into these rituals? I am, in fact, really NOT qualified to talk about balance. Rather, as Alain de Botton describes, I sometimes feel that this ‘work-life balance’ aspiration is somewhat overvalued.

Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life

That said, it is my mission at the moment to unruffle my feathers and to ‘find my Zen’. If you have met me, you will know how funny this statement is. But here it is: this issue is all about finding tranquility and about reconnecting while unplugging. You will notice that we have removed almost all of the digital directives, because sometimes we just seriously need a break from our technology. We need to rekindle our vigour by using our hands, and by spending quality hours overcoming our creative stumbling blocks, whatever they may be. Let’s just spend time making stuff together? In this issue, we had great fun preparing pasta from scratch – ravioli, mind you – as well as our very own natural room scents from essential oils.

We also dared you to head out into your cities and capture black and white pictures of architectural details – we were so impressed with your talent and ways of seeing! We also found the most far-flung and whimsical treehouses in which to escape the madness, and tucked into some delicious vino tinto and bubbles while listening to the stories of a few of South Africa’s most exciting young wine and beer shapers.

And with that, a toast

Here’s to basking in the winter sunshine, a little industrious indulgence, beauty in all its guises, and to you, our dear readers… we are forever grateful for such a snazzy and charming audience.