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As winter approaches we are adamant to keep the summer spirit alive. Infuse your world with the fresh, fruity and bubbly taste of Arniston Bay Infusions, and capture the moment with the super-fun Fujifilm Instax camera to remember the sunshine. All you have to do is ENTER today!

WIN Infusions and Fujifilm Instax hampers to the value of R5 070!

DECO WIN Arniston
This could be yours, if you enter today!

THREE ELLE Decoration readers will win a hamper valued at R1700 each, that includes:

1x Fujifilm Instax Camera
1x Fujifilm Instax Camera Film
9x bottles of Infusions (mixed flavours)

Infusions come in four delicious flavours: Pomegranate & Rose, Graviola & Passion Fruit, Mint, Aloe & Lemongrass, and Peach, Mango & Passion Fruit. Infusions are sure to add zing to any occasion. The Infusions range is best served on crushed ice and paired with canapés or sushi.


To stand a chance to win a hamper, simply create your own winter infusion and comment below! We want to know what your zesty ingredients will be!

Winners are selected randomly and notified electronically.

Visit Arniston Bay online for more information or join us on Facebook and Instagram @abinfusions

ELLE DECO Arniston

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  1. Date Banana and mint
    Pineapple orange and basil
    Fig and earl grey
    Rasberry and Liquorice
    Peach and Pear
    Apple sage and Cinnomin

  2. From all my juice and smoothie recipe tries…
    Kiwi and Lemon
    Banana and cocoa
    Watermelon and mint
    Cranberry and Kiwi

  3. Caramel & Banana
    Orange, Passion Fruit & Mint
    White Chocolate, Caramel & Marshmallow
    (Not sure if they have to be all fruity?)

  4. A mixture of Strawberry, Lime, Mango, Ginger and Mint for a delicious, zesty winter infusion.

  5. coffee and chocolate
    vanilla and cinnamon
    strawberry and mint
    chocolate and coconut
    blackcurrant and mint
    vanilla and cinnamon
    black cherry and lime
    strawberry, lime and vanilla
    chocolate and mint
    rooibos and lime
    rooibos and lemon
    strawberry and coconut

  6. Cranberry & Citrus
    Vanilla & Strawberry
    Cherry & Grape
    Vanilla & Whipped Cream
    Pomegranate & Raspbery
    Apple & Pear
    Blackcherry & Lime

  7. Chocolate and coffee
    chocolate and orange
    ginger & Apple
    Pear & Blue Cheese
    Blackcurrant & Rooibos
    Earl Grey & Citrus

  8. -Turkish Delight Infusion
    -Apple & Cherry Infusion
    -Coconut Infusion
    -Guarva & Mango Infusion

  9. Roasted marshmallow and cocoa
    Gluwein and dark chocolate
    Cashew and coconut
    Cinnamon pancake flavour
    Chocolate chilli

  10. Jawbreaker,100’s and 1000’s milky chocolate with a dash of minty apple #infusion winter win # comfort galaxy tastebuds

  11. White Dry Wine infused with Juniper Berry (for Gin) and Cucumber with a hint of lemon zest
    Natural Sweet Rose Wine infused with Melon and Chilies
    Dry Red Wine infused with Chocolate and Chilies

  12. Hmmm …
    – Apple and cranberry
    – Apricot and cardamon
    – Rooibos and honey
    – lavender and honey

  13. Agave nectar, jalapeno chilies, tequila and lime juice
    Coconut, lavender lemonade
    Pineapple, almond and coconut
    Lemon Blueberry Colada
    Frozen bananas, coconut milk, maple syrup, and nutmeg
    Fresh raspberries, juicy lime, club soda and crisp mint.
    Pear, Cinnamon Spice and Almond Milk

  14. A punch using Infusions Lemongrass/Aloe/Mint with Ice tea, fresh blueberries, pureed strawberries and fresh mint

  15. I would use the Graviola & Passion Fruit mix with Arniston Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay. Served in a tumbler with crushed ice, mandarin zest and soda water. Refreshing and fruity.

  16. OOO-LA-LAAA… let the fun begin!

    1) Dragon Fruit, Aloe Vera, Watermelon with a slash of lemon,lime & just a
    hint of mint.

    2) Dragon Fruit, Strawberries, Rose syrup with a hint of white chocolate & mint.

    3) Lavender syrup, Mago, Honey & coconut.

    4) Frangi-pangi, Vanilla, Pear, Almond essence & coconut.

    5) Chai-tea with extra cardamon, coconut, & honey.

    6) Pineapple, Coconut, ginger, lemongrass & lime.

    7) Delicate Chilli, Saffron, Coconut & Dark Chocolate.

    8) Melon, Ginger & Lime.

    9) Leychee, Lavender syrup & Lemongrass.

    Lastly: A melody of Citrus Fruit (Think Marmerlade) with Ginger & Cloves.

  17. My all time favourite
    3/4 ounce freshly squeezed juice from 1 lemon
    3/4 ounce honey syrup

  18. White Chocolate & Cinnamon
    Chocolate Chip flavour
    Coconut & Pineapple
    Apple & Cranberry
    Rooibos & Lime
    Vanilla & Vodka

  19. Mango and Pawpaw
    Coconut and peanut butter
    Banana and peanut butter
    Mixed berries and toffee
    chocolate and grapes

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