Located in close proximity to the Kruger National Park, the Sabi River Sun Resort hotel in Hazyview is the perfect destination for visitors seeking a unique wildlife experience in the warm heart of Mpumalanga province. This winter, we’re giving you the chance to win a two night stay getaway for you and your partner, valued at R5000.

Comfortable and homely accommodation, enhanced by spectacular views, a rich natural heritage, and abundant wildlife, all combine to create a stay that is utterly relaxing and unforgettable. In addition to its natural splendour and safari opportunities, the resort offers guests appetising dining, an 18-hole golf course, recreational facilities, and conferencing, as well as a year-round children’s entertainment program. The Eden Spa offers the opportunity to unwind in an atmosphere of bliss and privacy, with a range of exclusive rejuvenating treatments. Hazyview hotel offers guests 60 well-appointed en-suite rooms, characterised by modern convenience and comfort


For the very best in warm African hospitality, resort activities and safari experiences, there is only one place to go: Sabi River Sun Resort!

Images courtesy of Sabi River Sun Resort


To stand a chance to win this getaway, simply tell us why you deserve to win this winter getaway by commenting below! We want to know why you want to plug out for a few days!


Winners are selected randomly and notified electronically

Terms & Conditions:

The prize includes breakfast but excludes all beverages, additional game activities, conservation fees, telephone and laundry costs incurred during the stay, as well as transfers to and from the Sabi River Resort. Prizes are subject to availability and not during peak periods.

For More Information:

Visit  sabiriver-holidays.co.za

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  1. I’d love to win this for hubby and I. I turned 40 in Feb and we had planned to have a big bash. Howe’ve a week before my birthday hubby lost his job having worked for 13 years. The company was downsizing. The last few months has been very stressful. We would like to unwind and still make memories for my belated 40th

    • I want to plug out for a few days in order to meditate .This provides the stillness and quiet required to appraise our feelings and reflect on the meaning of life and the deepest secrets of our souls without disturbance from technology!

    • My husband and I are both branch managers at very busy glass companies,we are both under lots of stress and don’t get time to relax with our 3 year old and enjoy life with her!I would love to win this to go and relax a little bit!

    • I have sorted out a lot of family problems that caused a lot of tension and it would do me so good to win a vacation, thanks Ria

    • It would absolutely awesome to win this amazing get away. My husband and I deserve a break from life’s busyness and the daily stress. Given the title of a Mum it is a tiring role and job which I do while heartily but it would be also nice to take a break for a change, since everyone’s needs comes before Mine! This would also be an ideal spoil as my husband is almost done with completing he’s degree. It would be great to celebrate and unwind.

    • I would love to win because my boyfriend and I live in different cities and do not get to see one another very often. He is starting a stressful new job soon, so it would be lovely for us to meet up and go away together beforehand! It would be a very special prize for us to win and a lovely surprise for him!
      Fingers crossed!

  2. Married the love of my life last month and really needing a lovely breakaway/mini honeymoon to share with each other. This would be perfect as I’ve always wanted to experience the Kruger National Park but haven’t had the opportunity.

  3. this would be the perfect (and much needed) mini getaway for my husband and I to get outdoors and spend some undivided quality time together… because life.

  4. #Cozbabyitscoldoutside

    This has been a rough year for me healthwise and I would love to getaway.

    Thank you for blessing others @elledecorsa

  5. This is an amazing opportunity to unwind and unplug.

    As a youth engagement specialist who has to be plugged in 24/7 in to the digital world, I would like nothing more than to get away and enjoy nature with my long distance boyfriend. It would be a much needed getaway for us 🙂

  6. My wife is a teacher – oops, just gave away my age there – she’s actually an educator (according to “New South Africa” heritage) at a local primary school and the winter season for them starts with schools closing on the 24th June. Now, in August we celebrating our Tin wedding anniversary, but ideas are hard to come by for renewal of vows etc. So get “far from the maddening crowd” like in the bush where ONLY the sound of nature will be disturbing might help us think about the honeymoon-before the honeymoon!! She just needs to relax from the hard work she does with the little ones. We also need to be rejuvenated and refreshed by being close to mother nature, and what a way to do it!!

  7. Just would like “us” time. Working hard every day and always considering others and waiting up for children to get home. A little get away would do “us” the world of good

  8. My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year. We recently started working and doing full time postgraduate studies. We’ve had absolutely no time to relax these past 5 months or just any time to ourselves. Pay is also quite low at the moment and fatigue is starting to make a serious mark in out spirits. My girlfriend has never been to the Kruger Park either and I think I must have been there last around 15 years ago.
    It would be a great way to celebrate one year with each other at such a lovely resort. Such a holiday would be appreciated beyond words.
    Terrible sob story, I know, all true though, holding thumbs for sure!

  9. Need this break as I got married end of April and we could not go away for our honeymoon. This would be an awesome prize!

  10. My finishing with exams in June and it’s my birthday in July so this will be a perfect treat to destress after exams and a great way of celebrating my birthday.

  11. I would love to spoil my husband. One of our joint fun is to visit new places. This would be awesome

  12. Just moved into our new house which was A nightmare with moving and hassles with contractors so would an excellent house warming gift to celebrate our new house

  13. My entry as a poem I wrote:

    No soppy story, no extravagant reason to win
    But a simple chance to unplug with hubby, we definatly all in.
    A winter getaway would be lovely as the cold weather approaches
    Time away with spectacular views will take our relaxation up a few notches.
    Waking early, off to work and holding the fort every day,
    Makes us long for something greater like this awesome getaway.
    Warm African hospitality is what we need right now.
    Winning we will take with appreciation, a curtsy and a bow.
    Winning we will take with appreciation, a curtsy and a bow.

  14. My fiance and I would absolutely love a romantic break to for our honeymoon to celebrate the beginning of our lives together <3

  15. Two years ago I joined this awesome company where there’s so much to learn, with all the excitement of my new job I haven’t been able to take leave because of the workload and tenders that needed my attention. Now I feel that the time has come for me to give myself that well deserve break and what better way to spend my winter break at Sabi River Sun Resort where I can have some me time and just relax. 🙂

  16. I would like to #unplug at the gorgeous #SabiRiverSunResort because the couple of months have been rather stressful and what better way to unwind and enjoy fresh air if not at such a majestic splendour and #wildlife.

    With fresh air and experience of nature at its best.

  17. #Elle
    #Sabi River Sun
    I am tired and stressed my tired is tired ! We have had some staff leave that are not being replaced all work and no play makes for a dull day 🙁 Oh to get my mojo back

  18. Will love to win this just to getaway from work and kids a bit. As a single mom it’s not easy to work and be the best mum at the same time more especially to a teenager too. So I feel I need a break and will really appreciate some time away since I just bought a new house I can’t even afford to go on a holiday but atleast my kids have a home

  19. Would love to win this getaway for my fiancé .I wish I could afford to spoil him in a way that he deserves. Winning this would be a splendid treat for him after all of the sacrifices he has made for me all these years. We work six days a week to make ends meet and having this opportunity would really be a much needed break from the hustle and bustle.

  20. My husband travels alot, children exams at school and me trying to keep everything perfect and running smooth at home. Would love to have a break from it all, and spend quality time with my husband. He also deserves a well-earned break!

  21. I want to win because it will be my 50th birthday and I have never had a vacation in my life.

  22. Turning 40 is on the horizon.
    I wonder whether I’d missed a memo — one with a subject line like, “Studies Confirm That Only Complete Idiots Have Three Kids On Purpose.” Clearly, there are plenty of good reasons not to do it.
    Life is full. The picture is complete.
    A break would be nice though!

  23. I love paging through your magazine to get inspiration for anything, whether it be a small dinner party, changing my bedroom decor or just to see the latest trends to hit our shore. These are all easy to read on social media, but nothing beats paging through a physical magazine in todays world.

    This prize would be amazing breakaway for my fiancé and I. He’s had an unexpected minor brain op this year, which has postponed our wedding until 2017 🙁 But we trusting to better and greater things in the year ahead.

  24. It is our 31st wedding anniversary this year, and it will be nice if we can celebrate it at a very special destination like the Sabi River Sun Resort. We will love their warm African hospitality and have a very memorable wedding anniversary there!

  25. Have heard wonderful reports re Sabi River Sun Resort, and as it is located so close to the Kruger National Park – it would be an amazing ‘break’ for me as an animal lover preferring to see them in their natural habitat. Haven’t visited the Park for 4 years (my late husband and I used to visit every year)

  26. I think I deserve to win this, as I would love to take my family for a getaway. The last few years have been hectic, and my husband works 18 hour days to make sure we have everything we need. I would love to win, and spoil him for a change, because he works hard, never asks for anything in return, and is such an amazing husband and father.

  27. We have been trying to build our house for two years now. The builder claims to have run out of money, or has had a car accident, or is in hospital for high blood pressure. Windows, doors and walls are skew, and I am pretty sure that a marble will roll if placed on the floor. We are trying to fire him and are going to come out of this much poorer than expected. Our house is not even large, but it was our little dream. Paying a building bond and rent, we cannot afford a getaway but we do need one so badly! A sunset in the bush would be just the ticket.

  28. My husband and I have had a rough couple months, and to be able to win this would mean us getting away from it all for a little while. I would love to surprise him with something like this 🙂

    Also, Elle Décor is my favourite!!


  29. My sister an I are incredible passionate about the bush, and wildlife and the conservation thereof. Being able to visit a lodge as amazing as Sabi River Sun, will help us create a positive image of what they offer as well as their contribution to conserving their environment, and will allow us positively influence and encourage others to visit the same lodge and get a taste of what they have to offer. Not only will it be an educational trip for my sister and I, but a relaxing one too as we too need time to simply clock-off and embrace each others company. What is more beautiful than an African sunset, surrounded by all the sounds and smells of the bush, incredible animals and a glass of champagne in hand.

  30. Stress is a factor that affects everyone. Owning your own busy not only exhausting but it definitely can be costly! To step into the african sun; surrounded by the sounds of nature; watching what mother nature has created for us; taking in the spectacular views & everything around you where time seems to stand still – THAT IS WHAT I CALL AN EXPERIENCE! My sister and I own our own company whereby we manage people and their brands that has no set office hours or set working days. We work literally from the time we wake up until the sun sets.I would love to treat her to a 2 night get-away where we can have sister & bonding time. She is the only person i would want to share this experience with! Nature is one of the biggest factors in our lives (we try get outside as much as we can) and we love the bush more than any beach holiday! This would be a dream getaway for us both!

  31. I need a much needed break from my fast pace work life and have a weekend to reconnect with my partner who I rarely get to enjoy valuable and uninterrupted time together

  32. I am the daughter of a farmer in Bloemfontein. All my life, my dad has been the one supporting my dreams to be able to study medicine, and now, as a fourth year medical student, I want to tell him how much I appreciate his sacrifices.

    Throughout my entire high school, he woke me up at all hours of the night with a coffee and smile to keep me studying. Medicine is a REALLY expensive course, and he helped me fill in all the bursary applications as we could not afford it by a long stretch.

    He has, since I started University, never spent any money on himself or his new (incredibly amazing) new wife and they do not have a honeymoon either. She wakes up with him at 04:30 every morning to help on the farm before she leaves for work in town.

    I’d love to be able to say thank you, and that his sacrifices have given me the opportunity to chase my dreams. Now I want to make one of their dreams come true.

  33. 1. Its my birthday on the 23rd of June!
    2. I’ve never been on a bush getaway… all my friends always tell me how amazing it is and I’m dying to know! PICK ME PICK ME!

  34. Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, but let’s be honest here — this job also comes with burnout, sleep deprivation and frequent moments of insanity. Our work never ends. we are all deserving of the awesome prize ,but yes of course I would also love to win, I am a mother, a wife a sister and aunt. As women we are everything. I am the only sole bread winner for my siblings ,not to sound cliché or anything but I work hard. I am constantly joggling between taking care of the kids, keeping a fulltime job and taking care of household chores. I don’t have time for myself I have to divided my time amongst my family and friends ,I always have to take care of my loved ones and not that I’m complaining but would truly appreciate it if I was given the opportunity to win a getaway to Sabi River Sun Resort hotel in Hazyview, so that I can relax and destress

  35. There are many admirable reasons why everyone else deserves this sort of holiday, but I can honestly say that my Husband and I would appreciate this the most. We find that simply being outdoors constantly reminds us of how lucky and blessed we are to be South Africans – we love the small insects and the majestic birds, we love the close family bond in a heard of elephant, we love the echo of a Lion’s roar, we love cold morning game drives, and earth shaking African thunderstorms. We love it all!

  36. That moment when you know, you know, you know, your soul has found its safe resting place is the most magical moment. I experienced that moment in 2011 when I first saw my guy drive up to church and walk in and sit down a few seats away from me. He has always been a shy guy and it took 1 year for him to muster up the courage to speak to me, that was in 2012, June. Now, almost 4 years later we are so looking forward to officially sealing our love and our future as one. In the last 4 years, we have shared many laughs and many tears and moments of exquisite highs and utter lows. Our souls have become one in this time.
    We both I love travelling. We’ve been to most places in SA and no matter where we go we are so often asked if we are brother and sister. It warms my heart deeply to hear this, not only because we appear on the surface to be this way, but my man is my soul mate. He completes me as well as compliments all aspects of my life – emotionally, physically, spiritually and soulfully. We have a deep understanding of each other. He is my best friend, my protector, my provider, the greatest love of my life and the one I want to grow old and grey with. I cannot imagine one single day without having him in my life. We get along on every level and life just feels complete knowing I have his heart and he has mine. Because he is often out of the country on business, the times have called for a deeper level of trust and understanding and tolerance which is why the times we share together are so precious and so genuine and sincere. It would be a sweet heavenly gift to be selected as the winner to win a stay at Sabi River Sun Resort hotel in Hazyview, a spectacular setting on a magnificent wildlife, surrounded by nature. We really deserve to win this winter getaway. It’s been a bit of a pain and heart ache over the last few months with the sudden death of his brother so this romantic getaway with be a heaven sent gift and we could really deserve with a break and just to get away from it all. Even though we have travelled so much together in SA, we never got to visit Mpumalanga and the Kruger National Park. Our list of places still to visit is Pilgrim’s Rest, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, God’s Window, Horse Whisperers, Mac-Mac Falls, Chimp Eden and Blyde River Canyon. We love exploring nature and to see the numerous lakes, which are home to a wealth of bird-life, hippopotami and crocodiles would be splendid.
    To experience the charming chalet accommodation which offers the comfort and privacy of living in your own country home and to indulge in the various treatments at Eden Spa would be heavenly. To awaken to a spectacular sunrise in the early morning would be priceless and enjoy its natural splendour. I would love to win this to surprise him. What a wonder it would be to bask in the ambiance of an African Safari in a spectacular natural wildlife setting, to spend a few days in the Lowfeld, relaxing in the tranquil environment while watching the sun set. We both have a passion for adventure and living on the edge and creating fantastic memories so it would be just the perfect getaway to find ourselves on a game drive and enjoy the various recreational activities and to bask in the best of warm African hospitality enhanced by spectacular views, a rich natural heritage, and abundant wildlife, all combine to create a stay that is utterly relaxing and unforgettable. To experience this piece of heaven would be dream.

  37. I am not African because I was born in Africa. I am African because Africa was born in me, and my heart beats to an African drum!

  38. My partner takes the most beautiful photographs and he’d love to move from IT to doing safari photography. This would be a great opportunity for him.

  39. As a young single mom I have learnt, as every mother does, that once you have your child, you no longer come first. Although it’s been tough, it’s all been worth it and I’ve recently met a man who has come into not only my life, but my sons too, and has been everything a father and boyfriend should be. Even though we love the time we all spend together I would love to have the opportunity to take up my many offers for babysitters and spend a little time with just the 2 of us. It will be my first “break” since my son was born and could be our first getaway as a couple. Will be holding thumbs!

  40. I am in my final year of university and I will be done with my June exams in two days! This would be a lovely way to relax and reward myself after exams!

  41. I spent a magical honeymoon here 5 years ago and with the birth of our first child coming up in the next few months, it would be a wonderful “babymoon” and getaway for us!

  42. Where to get some peace and quiet?
    This much I know; you cannot buy it.
    City life is fast and loud,
    Just one face amongst the crowd.

    I’ve got cabin fever and itchy feet,
    And travel needs I cannot meet.
    A getaway? At Sabi River Sun?
    I’d talk of it for years to come!

  43. I attende Sabi River Sun for a wedding but never stayed. It is set in lovely surroundings with a scenic golf course.It is well maintained and organised. Beautiful scenery. I would love to experience it in all its glory.

  44. After many years of studying towards my Bcom degree , I have graduated in April . It would be a great getaway to relax , rejuvenate and think about the next step towards me obtaining my career path .

  45. Haven’t had a holiday in a long time and hubby have been working for such a long time without a break. Would be awesome .

  46. I have always wanted and dreamed to visit Africa! I think its such an amazing country, with hot! Hot! Weather, great cusine and an amazing culture. This place looks utterly amazing and I would spend my time chilling, in awe! Soaking up the sun and taking loads of pics! U feel that this is well needed as I have never been abroad before! And my dream is to visit Africa 🙂

  47. We will be together 9 years in July this year. We both work gruelling jobs and long hours leaving very little time for thinking about spending valuable time together as our kids and their happiness is the most important which is the way things should be. Todays economy leaves very little money for indulging or even spoiling each other occasionally so i would love for us to be able to spoil ourselves with this prize.

  48. We are currently 6 months pregnant with our first baby and we would like have some “us time” before the baby arrives. We having been trying so hard to save for the baby, he is even working extra hours at work. I think a holiday is exactly what we need.

  49. My wife and I recently celebrated 33 years of blissful (and sometimes tumultuous) marriage. With four lovely and successful children and one grand child, we deserve a well earned break and this getaway will be perfect – away from the digital freeway – and to recharge human batteries and re-live romance and togetherness!

  50. Being a working mother (teacher) of 2 very active boys, wife to my husband and a student for the last 2 years I really need a break away with my husband. We have been married for 9 years and love traveling but never been in the Mpumalanga province always travel within the Western Cape boarders because of finances. This will be my big present to my husband who is always willing to work more hours just to provide for me and the boys. He will absolutely love this break away!!

  51. Me and my Husband to be would love a breakaway. We are getting married in the court next month and cant afford a honeymoon. We got the best news that I am pregnant so now our little snuggle bug is most important to us. But we as a couple would love to get some alone time

  52. This would be a best 5th year anniversary for me and my man. we’ve dating for so long but have never been together on such a romantic adventure. We love to go and explore and experience nature and traveling but at the moment we are having challenges as there’s so much to go.

    This place is breath taking and I love it, it looks comfortable and homely accommodates first timers.
    Me and my partner don’t live together we only visit each other now and there when we get a chance, and that does not let us explore each other openly and completely we have a 9 year old whose very inquisitive always wants to know why?

    We really need a getaway of life time, an experience will be a blessing to us.

  53. A perfect getaway
    Tranquil, Romantic
    Away from our busy lifestyle and almost get lost in peacefulness and let time stand still with the surround of nature
    Sabie River Sun has all that

  54. My husband and I have being trying to plan a holiday for over a year now. However, with so much going on in our busy lives, the plan never realises. We would just love some alone time away from work and our everyday busy lifestyle and schedules. A new place, new scenery, wild life, nature. A relaxed, unforgettable rejuvenating experience is just what we need!

  55. My husband and i love travelling.He just retired and now we can.This is such an amazing prize ,the location stunning.After years of working,we both need the tranquility to just relax and enjoy the Winter break together.

  56. My name is Tumi I’d really appreciate winning this competition, I have never ever went out to a hotel ect. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now.our love is still pink lol.
    This will mean so much more to us.
    Thank you

  57. I am a working mother of 5, twins in that bunch, and would love a weekend away with my most favourite man, my hubby. We never get the chance to spend some quality time! It would be AWESOME!

  58. Work looms large. Work insists itself into my mornings, my afternoons, my evenings. Work stalks me. I want to get away, far away, so I can say “would have loved to helped but I was too far away.” I would like time to chill in a beautiful place with my beloved, to unplug, REALLY unplug. What more can I say?

  59. I’m a mom to a newborn-so I would love to go away for a treat as I do everything myself and work and have very little help with baby..any treat will do.

  60. I lost my mom when I was 8 months pregnant and a year later I lost my dad so at the age of 24 I had to be everything to so many people and being a new mom at the time I had no one to turn to I had so much stress in my life I couldn’t even go away just to ease my mind that is why I think I’d be perfect for this holiday I don’t just want it I truly need it. I recently got engaged to the man of my dream we’ll be celebrating our 5th year anniversary and I would love to surprise him with this wonderful holiday

  61. Would love to go away with my husband, he’s my best travel partner. We’ve been having a difficult year since the beginning of 2016. This would be a well deserved break for both of us.

  62. I would love to win this amazing prize I love nature and animals and this is the perfect vacay. It has been such a stressful time for my partner and I and this would really be a treat we us.

  63. I would love to win this as I haven’t been on holiday for ten years…We are renovating and all spare money goes into this venture.My hubby and I could really do with some pamper time to get away from the constant stress of life …just to recharge …

  64. I would love to go and I have so many reasons for me to go. I have never been to a game reserve, never mind staying in one! Also this year has been a hectic year for me, lots of work pressure and overtime. A breakaway would mean so much to me! Lastly my birthday is coming up…so this will be such an awesome present for me!

  65. I have a boyfriend and he’s been really good to me and the relationship is great as well but time is always snatched from us. Our second year anniversary is coming up. The first year was great but hardly spent time together because I was always traveling to Botswana. I now stay full time in SA no trips but we both post graduate students and have jobs as well which then steals most of our time. The relationship is great but we could do with a two day vacation together since we never really get time. On the 28th of this month it’s our anniversary but won’t even see him much, we both have exams on the day. This vacation would be a huge breakthrough.

  66. 2016 has been an exciting,yet very challenging year of my life.Coming to the work environment as a newly qualified graduate,the experience gained has been amazing to date,yet requires a great deal of effort & discipline.I believe I need a break from work,focus a bit on myself,& this holiday would do more than justice for me.

  67. Am a young woman who never went out in a holiday and never saw nature as beautiful as that I think I deserve this holiday because from my child hood I have been providing right now am engaged I got one son and my fiance is a hardworking guy we both never went in a holiday this holiday will help us both and to celebrate our news of carrying our second child so this will connect us since we both don’t spend much time together

  68. I would love a mini honeymoon. We just got married a year ago. A taxi ran a red robot two months after we were married and totalled our car and two months after that I almost lost the use of my legs. Right hours in surgery six months rehab it’s been tough. Xxx

  69. I would love to plug out for a few days in such a beautiful place I have been very homesick since living in Pretoria and it would be a balm to my soul to relax in nature also Hubbys birthday next month so could surprise him too Win win situation 🙂

  70. How i would love for a fresh air and beautiful nature of Mpumalanga,working 12hours at the hospital its draining.Would love to win.

  71. My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship and have not seen each other in a long time. Winning this romantic getaway would give us the opportunity to spend some well deserved time together. It breaks my heart not being able to be close to him. If we were to win this, we would be able to relax and enjoy each others company without any stress. Please pick me!?

  72. With the stresses of life just eating away at ones soul, a well deserved break back in nature would just help recharge the weary batteries! Teachers may have holidays, but with being educators, psychologists, baby-sitters, policemen, lawyers and crowd controllers, plus giving numerous conferences everyday, the batteries get low fast.

  73. I deserve to win because as a firemen, I work long hours and hardly get time off to spend with my wife and kids.i would love to get away and have a break.

  74. Cant believe its the middle of the year already. Running around, keeping every one in the family happy, looking after the household, elderly parents, school exams, sports activities, etc And I also now need a few days of relaxing!

  75. I’ve been having a really hectic month and would love to de-stress with my hubby. Mpumalanga is one of my favourite provinces so what better place would there be to relax than in the beautiful Sabi River Sun resort.

  76. I would love to win this trip for hubby and I to relax a little bit. Our 2nd anniversary is coming up and due to unforeseen circumstances not sure if we will be able to celebrate at all this year. It would be an ideal opportunity to get away this year – even just for a few days!

  77. My mother is quite literally the most awesome human being. She has done so much for me over my life but over the last year she has been simply incredible. She has bent over backwards for me, looked after me, taken care of me and helped me through an awful time. I’d love to be able to take he with me if I win. Two nights of bonding, laughing, wine drinking, bird watching, game scouting and fun is just what the doctor ordered for the both of us. It would be the ultimate for her and I’d love to be able to do that for her x x

  78. I would love to win this prize for my parents they have already done a lot for me, it’s the least I could do for the ones that do all for the happiness of their children

  79. I would love to win this prize for my parents they have already done a lot for me, it’s the least I could do for the ones that do all for the happiness of their children

  80. I would love to win this competition for my girlfriend and I. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up, she had initially planned a holiday but since losing her job she has been down and we have had to cancel plans to make up for the loss of income.

    She has been my rock, supported me when i was sick. I would really love to give something special and Sabi River Sun looks absolutely breathtaking!

  81. Wow, this would be amazing, I would love to go here with hubby. We have been married for nearly 10 years, we haven’t had much time to go away as I was finishing my studies and then we had two babies. This would be simply wonderful!

  82. Me and my husband got married 13 December 2014.after the wedding we’ve been through a lot we still haven’t gone to the honeymoon because of the finance issues(Thou we’re greatfull for what we have in life generaly)this could really mean a lot to us just enjoying time together without the kids.We’ve been together from high school and we had our 1st child in 2004 and we were both teenagers.Since then life hasn’t been.I would really appreciate such an opportunity

  83. My husband is an amazing man and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me. We recently purchased a new home and he quietly saved up a little savings pot. When all the renovations were done and we were broke he suprized me with this amazing gift which allowed me to splurge on some amazing decor items I had been eyeing out for months. This gift would be a great way for me to spoil him a little for once ( with the help of #elledecoration and #SabiRiverSunResort ofcourse!)

  84. I would really love to win the stay at Sabi River Sun Resort Hotel in Hazyview as I have never been staying in a hotel before. It would be such a great experience to wake up in the beautiful Safari because I love nature and our beautiful animals so much. Please, please may I win. Take care,

  85. I am passionate about taking photographs and always looking for new and unique content for my website. It’s been a long semester completing my honours and this break away would give me a chance to recuperate and take lots of photos before the next semester which is bound to be full of stress.

  86. I’m leaving SA in September to move to the UK and would love a last truly African holiday as a send off!

  87. The stuff dreams are made of! Just like everybody else I would love a break and some time to just be. And treat a friend, of course. Good luck to all!

  88. I would love to win this for my hubby Brett, its his birthday in July and our anniversary in September, unfortunately we will not be able to go away for either one. To be able to give him a break from the rat race and to relax in such splendour will be balm for the soul. Fresh air, nature, hippos…….. Living the life

  89. I would love to win this amazing break to take in the beauty of nature because I believe that nature has a wonderful influence on one’s health, happiness & vitality!

  90. Everyone seems to be too stressed and too busy and I can relate. I simply want to get away from the problems and demands of my 4 grown-up children who all drain me in different ways. If its not a money emergency its a child minding request. Enough already! Time for me to get out of this situation and let them feel what it will be like without Mom around to save their day or to simply lean on. Maybe then Ill get a little appreciation for what I do on a daily basis. I wish I could see their faces when I go away on a delicious, well deserved break without them …

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