WOMAG ULTRA® | Elle Decoration SA

The ULTRA® is a slab-sized tile made from porcelain, designed to entirely revolutionise home-styling and give rise to sleek style, greater ease and seamless surfaces in your home or office space.

The massive size (300x150cm) of the ULTRA® allows for flawless flooring and wall effects as it requires far less grouting than a regular sized tile. With a surface area of 4.5 square metres, ULTRA® sets a new industry standard for project designers as it introduces a plethora of new dimension solutions.

The large tile is also available in other sizes which may be more manageable for contractors and tilers to deal with; of these the 150x150cm and the 150x75cm seem to be the most popular.

Regardless of the large surface area the tile is extremely thin (6mm) and light-weight (76kgs.) These elements combined ensure that the tile can be laid and moved with ease.

WOMAG ULTRA® | Elle Decoration SA

The ULTRA® can be used for flooring, but also for modern kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, cladding and even finishes for cupboards or doors. Essentially you can now use the high tech ULTRA® tiles in places where only vinyl would previously work.

Scratch and heat resistant, the durability of these tiles makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. They are solid and 100% non-porous and will not deteriorate thus maintaining a tasteful and respectable look for long periods of time.

WOMAG offers the following designs:

Thassos: Simple and slick pure, white marble.
Staturio Altissimo: A classical, white, Italian marble with fine grain and elements of a thicker darker vein.
Travertino Santa Caterina: A travertine tile with linear lines in grey, white and cream shades.
Crema Marfil: Light beige marble with a uniform background and occasional lighter and darker veins.
Onici Grigio: A translucent slab with warm bands of white, inspired by the Onyx mineral where its bands are parallel to each other.

WOMAG has showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Contact 0860WOMAG or go online to www.womag.co.za for more information.