In our Trends Issue listing of the top 16 trends for 2013, wood is mega – but so are animals. And here we find the best of both wood and animals rolled into one super-charming package.

The work of Lars Beller Fjetland, these ‘Re-turned’ concepts elevate leftover wood from being merely ignored trash to a desirable piece of feelgood woodcraft. A 100% recycled item, perfect as a gift to whoever loves big-mama nature.

Perhaps they were once the part of a loving household as a supportive table leg, or an armrest? Perhaps they never made it from their roots in the woods and into a finished piece of furniture, but got cut off somewhere along the way? Either way, they’re given a new shot at life.

Words and photos: Courtesy of Lars Beller Fjetland
ELLE decoration – new designer awards 2013


Posted by Inge van der Merwe & Jenny Mason