Trend 12: Wood

As featured in our summary of the big 16 trends of 2013, Wood (and it’s first cousin, bamboo) is big. Always has been, of course. And we’re quite certain it’ll remain one of the most desirable substrates in design for living.

We’re fans of the work of designer-craftsman Geoffrey Keating, whose masterful woodwork is featured in the images below and above.

Says Geoffrey: “I am a fifth-generation furniture maker. My grandfathers built churches and monasteries throughout the southwestern United States. My own road to becoming a specialised craftsman was circuitous. I worked as a roofer in Texas and a mechanic for a professional racing team before attaining graduate degrees in theology from Yale and Notre Dame. Meanwhile, the work of my ancestors held a singular interest, and so it was that I found a home with wood. My grandfather’s 18th – century values of craftsmanship guide the care and consideration I invest in each piece. I strive to make work like theirs – as beautiful as it is useful. I hope you will find it so.”


To read more about Trend 12 – and the other top 15 trends of 2013 – turn to page 13 in The Trends Issue, Elle Decoration No. 88, now on shelf.

Words and photos: Courtesy of Geoffrey Keating via here