After first launching Cape Town’s most desired collaborative workspace on Cape Town’s Bree Street, Work & Co has done it again. NOVA, the country’s first mobile office pod by Work & Co, has been created. At the core of Work & Co, Julien Verspieren and Jolize Pienaar believe in offering a functional yet well-designed space for optimal productivity. NOVA, their latest offering, is an office; anywhere you would like. The team behind the shared workspace were inspired by the spirit of the modern nomad worker who constantly combines work and lifestyle.
As the face of the traditional office has changed, they know that versatility, creativity and inspiration are key factors for business growth. Work & Co wanted to offer an alternative space for conducting meetings, work or strategy sessions, on location office or as receptive space. By changing and reinvigorating the work environment constantly, they believe productivity increases, teams co-operate better and business develops faster.

This mobile office pod concept is, of course, something that has never been created before, and therefore became a real challenge for Julien and Jolize. The pair were clear on their vision for the interior of NOVA, understanding what a client needed for a productive work environment. Designing the interiors themselves, taking into account the challenge of limited space, whilst keeping functionality and comfort top of mind. After the six-month design and build process, Nova now features all office essentials; fast Wifi, a Smart TV, Apple TV, printer, whiteboard, Nespresso machine, stocked mini fridge, charging station, plug points, bathroom facility and running water. Being respectful of the environment, NOVA is completely off-the-grid and uses solar-generated power.

Once NOVA is booked with the pre-selected location, the Work & Co chauffeur will collect you and your team, and transfer you to your exclusive office for the day. If requested, breakfast coffees and croissants may await you at your desk. Lunch can also be arranged. Since the conception of this fantasy project in April 2016, NOVA took her maiden voyage on 15 December 2017 through the streets of Cape Town.

NOVA can be stationed next to Lion’s Head on Signal Hill, for coastal and city bowl views. You can also park on the Coastal Road between Bakoven and Llandudno. For an easier to reach, yet still beachy location, you can settle at Mouille Point between the V&A Waterfront and Granger Bay. There’s also the possibility of parking along the West Coast, for views of Table Mountain and West Coast road.