This festive season wow friends and family by creating a unique unwrapping experience with one of a kind, custom-made gift wrapping tailored to the receiver. DECO shows you how to wrap it up.


1. Sparkle with glitter combining similar colours when choosing glitter and cardboard/wrapping paper gives a contemporary edge that counteracts the tackiness of the glitter.

2. Potato print, old friend get creative by using an old favourite, choose sophisticated colours to contrast the rustic aesthetic of potato printing.

3. Decorate with foliage for a relaxed homey feeling. Place leaves and flowers from the garden with gifts and tie with rope or string.

4. Embellish with rhinestones For something more on the wild side bring out your inner 80s diva and decorate gifts with plastic rhinestones available at most craft shops

5. Create checked patterns with tape for a preppy spin on gift wrapping use tape take to create a checkered effect.

6. Gold/silver paint it is as easily as 1, 2 , 3 decorate by dotting, lining or drawing on left over paper.

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Festive wrapping


1. Seven Swans brush gift tags R49, Superbalist 2. Concrete tape dispenser R349, Country Road 3. How delightful card R30, Prestwich Collection 4. Phi Scissors R696.90, Tool to rule R307.36 both Créma Design 5. Ginger Ray sequin ribbon R39, Superbalist 6. Rope stand natural twine with scissors R159, @home 7. Painted gift tags R35, Prestwich Collection 8. The copy cat R1  024.63, Créma Design 9. Cheerful occasion card R30, Prestwich Collection

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